Intentionally airborne

Low Gravity Surf

It's a bird, it's a plane... it's SUPER Bailey!

Day 307- TGIFFFF* during the halftime show!

Jumping for Sand   Rodney - Floating   Beware of Zebra   Isabel

It was tough picking just one photo from Mattias Hammar to lead photos featured here. Take a look at his amazing Quiksilver Pro France 2012 set, and you’ll understand why we mean.

The second shot is from Dock Daze, where canine competitors take gigantic leaps into the Nanticoke River in Bivalve, Maryland.

And in the third picture (discovered in the immensely entertaining Jumping Project group), high school teacher Ray of Lynn Haven, Florida, captures a cheerleading squad on his 307th day of Project 365.

Photos from McSnowHammer, The_Little_GSP, Wishard of Oz, West Leigh, The Dman Project, phunnyfotos, and stereotypt.