Pillow fight!

Pillow Fight

Pillow Fight   fight

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Pillow Fight Day, Zürich   World Pillow Fight Day 2013 - London

International Pillow Fight Day

World Pillow Fight Day 2013 - London   pillow fight at the Washington Monument

International pillow fight day

This past Saturday was International Pillow Fight Day, which saw cushion-wielders across the world taking to the streets to gently thump and whack everyone in arm’s reach. And when it comes to pillow fights of course, the more torn seams, the better.

These shots were taken in London, Amsterdam, Budapest, Zurich, and Washington D.C. To see more feathers flying in even more places, check out the International Pillow Fight Day Group.

Photos from bura80, lakatosdaniel, haslo, Andy Sidders, Kat Antosova, ekelly80, and Where The Art Is.