The weather, made beautiful

From a rising sun in Paraguay to a lightning storm in Switzerland to fresh snow in Amsterdam – many Flickr members have captured weather conditions from around the world in beautiful photos.

Nascer do Sol   Icy road and bridge in Amsterdam   Thunderstorm

Today, the new Yahoo! Weather app brings these photos to your iPhone and iPod touch, so you can get your forecast with stunning photos from our community that reflect the current weather conditions.

[flickr video=8660142780 secret=82fb084f83 w=640 h=360]

The new app combines Flickr photos from the Project Weather Group with accurate and detailed weather information from around the world. Rain in Tokyo? Snow in Paris? You’ll not only get the facts, but also see what it looks like. For a fullscreen view of the image, simply tilt your phone. To see the photo on Flickr, tap on the photographer’s name that’s displayed with each photo.

Have a great weather shot? Submit your photos to the Project Weather Group to be showcased in Yahoo! Weather for iPhone and Android, and to help us collect beautiful weather photos for every condition in every city across the globe. Just make sure that your photos meet the requirements and are tagged with the photo’s geo-location. Soon even your own neighborhood could be available for everyone to see.


If you haven’t already, head over to the App Store and download the new Yahoo! Weather for iPhone and iPod Touch for free. If you have any questions or suggestions, the Yahoo! Weather team is awaiting your feedback.

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Markus Spiering

Product Chief and Americas GM at EyeEm, former Head of Product at Flickr and mobile product guy at Yahoo. Photographer and writer of a few tech books.