Art by Patricia Piccinini


Patricia Piccinini 'The Comforter'

Patricia Piccinini: Unforced Intimacies

IMG_1930 d13 Patricia Piccinini


Australian sculptor Patricia Piccinini stands out in the art world by creating thought-provoking creatures with seemingly hybridized characteristics, and she most recently designed her largest work: a $300,000 hot-air balloon called “The Skywhale” to celebrate the city of Canberra’s 100th Birthday. Made of silicone, fiberglass, and human hair, many of her most striking sculptures appear like sentient beings. When asked about the theme of her art on, Piccinini stated, “I am interested in what it means to be human in a world of genetic engineering and biotechnology…” — a statement that’s apparent from viewing her sculptures.

See “The Skywhale” in flight in the Canberra Balloons gallery.

Photos from William_James1958, hanneorla, Hellblazer!, Hypermorpheus, and bananatabacco.