World Heritage Site: Canaima National Park

Kerepakupay vená, Parque Nacional Canaima, estado Bolívar, Noviembre 2012

Monte Roraima

Respirando fresquito.


Salto" Kama Meru " Parque Nacional Canaima , La Gran Sabana , Estado Bolivar

Rock formations

Parque Nacional Canaima

Comparable to the size of Maryland, Canaima National Park is located on the border shared by Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana. Unique plateaus called tepuis and the world’s tallest waterfall (Angel Falls) reside in this Venezuelan World Heritage Site, home of 6,000 Pemon indigenous people.

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Photos from Jesus Alberto Salazar Cabrera, MarceloCamachobv, sebastianperezpe, capiottijopimalg, Guy’s snaps, and finndus.