Pretty panoramas


Sächsische Schweiz Panorama

Wolken Meer über dem Paznaun - Panorama

Filandia, Quindio, Colombia

Wyoming Sky over Lodgepole Ridge

Yosemite Point Pano

Aurora Borealis at Porteau Cove - Explored!

You arrive at a spot where the scenery is so vast that doubt comes to mind when trying to capture what you see in one shot — the moment inspiring this selection of panoramic photography. From the U.K.’s rolling chalk hills of South Downs to the Aurora Borealis seen at Canada’s Porteau Cove, these photos eloquently capture those wide viewpoints from a variety of wonderful landscapes, and this is only a small sample of many more we noticed recently.

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Photos from FinnHopson, János Balázs, TOKIL, prinothphotography, szeke, ernogy, WJMcIntosh, and Alexis Birkill.