City skylines

New York Skyline

Toronto Skyline at Dusk Dallas Skyline



Barcelona skyline



Shanghai Boat Trails

Taipei 101

If you haven’t browsed skyline photography in a while, you’re missing out on some fantastic shots of urban sprawls in cities worldwide. The major ones that seem to receive the most attention are New York City, Chicago, Toronto, Singapore, and Shanghai — they feature those distinctive skyscrapers and landmarks. Many photographers focus on the city lights at night, while others capture the high-rises shrouded in daylight haze. Whatever your cityscape preference is, you’re bound to find a stunning photo of your favorite metropolis from our community.

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Photos from Chris-Håvard Berge, dexchao, William Christie, Mark Pollock, eflon, jnhPhoto, cpcmollet, PhiiiiiiiL, -pieton-, arjalvaran, and designcurve.