Perseid meteor shower 2013

Perseids, again

Perseid Meteor Shower at Trillium Lake 2013

Perseid Meteors over Ancient Bristlecone Pine


Perseid meteor shower 2013

Starting in early August and peaking this past weekend, Perseid meteors streaked across skies around the world. The Perseids, named for the constellation Perseus from which the meteors appear to emerge, arrive when Earth passes through debris left by the Swift-Tuttle comet.Yahoo! News

To catch this celestial event, many of you put your time-lapse and exposure-setting techniques to the test in droves. Featured here, the light streaks in the night skies are exceptionally captured from the U.S. (New Mexico, Oregon, California), Scotland, and Ukraine.

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Photos from snowpeak, David Gn Photography, Ken Brandon, astronut2007, and Oleg Bryzgalov.