Adventures in the Arctic Circle

blue vein

Arctic Fox no 2


Moss Campion Silene acaulis

Polar Bear

Blue within blue

Just Popped Up To Say Hello

Iceberg, near Ilulissat, Greenland

Jan Mayen, Arctic Ocean

Polar Bear

Green Lights

Take one look at what comes up in a search for photography taken in the Arctic region, and you’re bound to be bewildered by the incredible turqouise colors of icy landscapes and portraits of wildlife in their natural habitat. Occupied by eight countries, there’s so much to see in this sparesly populated area. Of the accessible Arctic locations, Svalbard and Jan Mayen are popular island destinations that offer a glimpse at the roaming polar bears and surrounding icebergs.

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Photos from diamir8000, suenorth91, Ken Petch, Tim Melling, David Nunn, 66 Degrees North, Derbyshire Harrier, _Zinni_, Stian78, The Treerunner, and Gatria.