Mantis popularity


Dead leaf mantis.

Empusa pennata (Empuse)


 Phyllocrania paradoxa

Orchid Mantis

the Mantis

Mantis with Lady bug prey.

Idolomantis Takes Chewbacca's Portrait

Mantis palo (Empusa pennata)

Green and green


Cõng Sên...

Morning toilet

Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii

Explore popular pictures of insects, and you’re bound to find the mantis. Easily recognized by their distinctive forelegs and triangular face, these bugs eat pests with such aggression that they inspired two Chinese martial art styles. Mantises are even pampered as exotic pets by their devoted fans, unlike their closest relatives, cockroaches and termites. More than 2,400 species comprise their Mantodea insect order, including the uniquely camouflaged ones that mimic vegetation.

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Photos from thienbs, Andy @ Pang Ket Vui, melch2B, Gregg Kiesewetter, Celimaniac, ReaganPufall, Spice ♥, davidgerardball, scott cromwell, rio en medio – Jose, myu-myu, marakawalv, xuanthanh_arc, Fab. B, and Celimaniac.