Festive lights and the Fire Dragon

Mid-Autumn Festival-22.jpg

Rising Moon

Inside the Moon

Tai Hang Fire Dragon. Hong Kong

The Incenses will bring you luck!

Global celebrations earlier this month for the Mid-Autumn Festival featured a lot of fanfare, and Hong Kong hosted much of it. The well-attended Lantern Wonderland attraction in Victoria Park included the “Rising Moon” centerpiece display, a spherical structure containing thousands of recycled plastic bottles illuminated by light effects that imitate moon phases. Meanwhile, the three-day Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance took place in Causeway Bay. The tradition features a straw dragon with incense sticks spanning about 218 feet. According to a centuries-old legend, it’s a performance that keeps the plague away by appeasing the son of the Dragon King.

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Photos from doctorho, capcap119, david.valentine, JOE’s INFINITY, and H.L.Tam.