Swimming with sea creatures

Cuttle Ambush!

BIG Jelly

You cant see me!  Fringelip Flathead

Black Seahorse

Spanish Dancer

Keeping an eye out...

Spot of relaxing

Red Irish Lord

Papuan face (Canthigaster papua)

Amed Stonefish

We’re lucky to have many talented divers and ocean explorers sharing their close encounters with all sorts of marine life in exceptional portraits. Here’s a sample of some of them, from a cuttlefish up close to the speckled face of a perpetually frowning stonefish.

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Photos from souldiver, Jon Faulkner, Okinawa Nature Photography, Bidwell, Coby, DrTH80, Seth Patterson, nialldeiraniya, decidedlyodd, Arne Kuilman, and Wisnu Purwanto Family.