Geminids and Comet Lovejoy

Geminid Lovejoy

Geminids over Walchensee


Geminids 2013. A Geminid meteor above the mountain and between palm trees in my backyard.

One of Geminids, Comet Lovejoy(C/2013 R1) and Mt.Fuji 2013/12/14 5:17

C/2013 R1(LOVEJOY)_M13_Geminids_131214


Comet Lovejoy

The Geminid Meteor Shower, a celestial display caused by the Earth passing through debris from an asteroid, and Comet Lovejoy made fantastic appearances in the night sky this year, and many stargazers captured them with their exceptional astrophotography.

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Photos from amewzing, Dr. D, Thomas Heaton, slworking2, K.K.1048, Hiro.Sato, hayama3104, and Timelesslee1.