Group focus: the Jumping Project


IMG_8761   The giant

Desert Jump

Jumping off the world   Steven Jump. Powder Series


Sometimes you just need to jump for the sake of jumping. No other explanation for it. Just jump! The Jumping Project group on Flickr is a group dedicated to portraits of people jumping, and with over 55,000 images and nearly 28,000 members, the Jumping Project continues to ascend.

Philippe Halsman, a pioneer of jump portraits, was a model and inspiration for the group to collect some of the best jumping images on the Internet. If you’ve got a jumping portrait, add it to the group and join with the thousands of others documenting one of life’s simpler pleasures.

Though the rules of the game are pretty simple–jumping for the sake of jumping–group members have put you on notice that if you title your image “You might as well jump” that’s immediate grounds for removal. Sorry, David Lee Roth.

Photos from Mental Picture, Tom Harper, royal blue 1878-paul jones, flavio, klonsky21, Khalil Goodman, and Keming Wang.