#TwitterTuesday: Lake

08 - June - 2013:  Clouds over Mount Snowdon

Obersee/Königsee   Lago del Predil

Melissani lake

Central Park-The Lake, 11.02.13

St Stephen's G.   Canadian Dane at Lake Ontario, Toronto

there is always hope

Laaksolahdenlaituri   Sørvágsvatn II


Lakes can be a fascinating sight and a great subject for your photos. Tiny ones let you capture beautiful reflections of the shoreline or invite you for a swim crossing over to the other side. The larger variety can appear as large as the sea with boats and ships passing by. You showed us your favorite lakes and here is our selection of favorites from the ones you shared with us on Twitter.

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Photos from Ash if, tom_p, ferle, Elios.k, gigi_nyc, andresnavarro01, Kyra Savolainen, I\I-I, Antti Tassberg, OlivierWan, and silvinare.