Welcome to the new Flickr Blog!

On the Flickr Blog, we celebrate the best photographers from the greatest photography community in the world. Since early 2004, we have shared stunning visuals from Flickr members, but we haven’t made a significant upgrade the simple white backdrop that contained them. That is until today.

We’re very happy to present the new Flickr Blog, which we designed to better showcase the amazing photography on Flickr and the people who create it. The redesign is responsive, optimized for use on any device, and it mirrors the new design themes that you see on Flickr and across Yahoo projects. This online journal format is a more enjoyable way for you to discover the most engaging stories on Flickr and it gives you simpler navigation through our archives.

Old Flickr blog screenshot

The old Flickr Blog ca. April 2014. May she rest in peace.

Since the first Flickr blog post on February 4th, 2004, we’ve shared nearly 7,000 photo galleries, photographer profiles, Flickr photo walk and event recaps, themed challenges like Flickr Friday and Twitter Tuesday, and product launch announcements. We routinely publish in 5 languages, highlighting the diverse international community that makes Flickr so beloved.

Since 2012, our signature content piece has been The Weekly Flickr, a Webby-nominated video series with more than 70 episodes, taking you behind the scenes and into the lives of Flickr members around the world. Our most popular blog post is Joel Robison’s charming Weekly Flickr episode, where he explains how Flickr helped catapult him into a photography career and a world tour working for Coca Cola.

As we celebrate Flickr’s 10th Birthday this year, we’re thrilled to give our blog a little shine and we think the new design highlights the beauty of Flickr. Our hope is that it will provide a perfect framework for you to come visit every day to see what’s new and exciting in your favorite photo community!

Without further ado, welcome to your new Flickr Blog!