Wildlife Wednesday: Eagle’s gaze to photogenic mantis

You really stepped up in sharing your fantastic photos of wildlife throughout the week. This time around for our weekly series, have a look at the piercing yellow eyes of a Long-crested Eagle, an elk family appreciating road-sign guidance, the insect known for decapitating its lovers, and a whole lot more.

Crested Eagle

“He has quite the look because he almost fell off the tree, not happy we witnessed it! Lol, in all fairness, it was really windy.” – Sandra’s Weeds

Great-Horned Owl
-Gecko66-Great-Horned Owl
Green Heron #WildlifeWednesday

“A green heron right after he chased away a crow last week. Normally he sits low on the shoreline so the fact that he got up on the fence was unusual.” – Kimberly A.

Hummingbird Brekky

“A female ruby-throated hummingbird visits the feeder for an early-morning snack… as seen in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.” – Sue Holland

Who Knew Elk Could Read?

“On the way home from Rocky Mountain National Park, the elk did their normal routine of crossing the road at sunset. My friend had the brilliant idea to turn on her headlights!”

“Here were two females, a young buck, and a fawn that we caught reading the sign to make sure they were crossing in the right place.” – floyka


“Finally got to the wildlife park yesterday for a Flickr meet. Just a few of us and the weather wasn’t great but we had a good time and made new friends along the way!” – Janice


“Lake St. Lucia, South Africa” – Chantal Nederstigt

Zebra and friends
Try not to fall in love with her!

“Gordon Country, Queensland, Australia” – Ian In Cheol Lee

Scrub Jay with Peanut 1

“Western Scrub Jays love peanuts. Here one is looking right my lens.” – dagnyg

Make Mine a Double
Dazed and confused

“I surely annoyed this “praying mantis” (Mantis religiosa) quite a lot with the flash etc but it was quite cooperative!” – Ilias Katsouras

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