Wildlife Wednesday: Summer begins

In this week’s photo selection: Joey (aka J-J-W) took an awesome orange-soaked shot of an onlooking deer as the summer solstice ended, Sed Navarro snapped the crisp details of a hawk in flight, Christoph captured the exquisitely textured exoskeleton of a shield bug …

Green Bug
Summer Solstice 2014.

Ottawa, Canada.
“The last moments of light on the longest day of the year.” – J-J-W

Red-tailed Hawk, immature

Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge , New Jersey.
“Approximate focus distance: 82 ft” – Sed Navarro

Green on Green on Green
House Martin

“Summer would not be the same without these guys.” – Edd Cottell

bewick swan

London Wetland Centre, U.K.


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