Manhattanhenge 2014

On July 11-12 at dusk, droves of photographers brought out their cameras to capture the sun setting in alignment with the street grid of Manhattan, an NYC spectacle appropriately called Manhattanhenge.

Manhattanhenge Sunset 2014

“The sun sets straight down the middle of West 72nd Street in Manhattan on the evening of 11 July, 2014. This was taken at the entrance to Central Park at the interchange of 72nd Street and Central Park West, by the Dakota Building. Four times a year (two dates in late May and two dates around the 11-12 July) this phenomenon can be seen at sunset if the weather co-operates. In winter, the same effect can be seen at sunrise on dates in December and again in January. The effect is caused by the fact the city’s grid system does not run a true east-west, or north-south, but is offset by about 29 degrees.” – Anthony Poole

Manhattanhenge (July 11, 2014) and its Worshippers
Manhattanhenge, 07.11.14

“The sun came out and tumbled in between the buildings of Manhattan, setting gracefully in bright colors. Hard to take pictures with a crowd of people jostling each other for prime space hahaha amidst the traffic and blare of angry horns, but so so worth it! Enjoy!” – gigi_nyc

Manhattanhenge 7/11/2014

“I enjoyed being a part of a really huge traffic jam :]” – ohsnappkim

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