Wildlife Wednesday: Marine mammals

In this week’s photo selection, a brilliant shot of a sunbathing Icelandic seal pup inspired us to corral more pictures of those immensely photogenic mammals of the sea, particularly seals, otters, and sea lions.

Seal Pup Sunbathing

Earless seal (Phocidae), Kjosarsysla, Iceland.

Slow Clap

Central Coast, British Columbia.

Antarctic Fur Seal3 Salisbury Plain So. Georgia 11:7:13

Antarctic Fur Seal3 Salisbury Plain So. Georgia.


Ohau Point Seal Colony, Kaikoura, New Zealand.

What you looking at fatty??

Taken on Blakeney Point, Norfolk, U.K.

Giant River Otter #1

Amazon Basin, Sani Lodge, Ecuador.

giant river otters
Wildlife in London
Neilwlkr7Wildlife in London
River Otter by Steve Gifford

“Today I spent the morning at the Dillon Moist Soil Unit of Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge.

While I had initially intended to look for Soras and other marsh birds, my plans quickly changed after spotting a family of river otters shortly after arriving.

In all, there were 7 otters that moved about the marsh as a group, swimming, fishing and playing together. The coolest thing was to see all seven on the same log at one point, licking and grooming one another.

I also had the opportunity to hear one of the youngest pups yipping for it’s mom like a puppy when it fell behind and got momentarily separated from the group, something I had never heard before.” – Steve Gifford

Eurasian Otter
LevanaSietsesEurasian Otter

Eurasian otters at the Auckland Zoo.
Threat Status: Near threatened
Habitat: Asia, Africa, Europe
Diet: Carnivores

Otter 2014
Sea Otter

Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska.


This photo selection is inspired by the Marine Mammals group.

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