Wildlife Wednesday: Bears

For this week, we’re highlighting the lives of bears through exceptional photography. From scenes in Finland to Japan to the U.S., this picture selection explores the nature of these playful and powerful mammals.

I see you...

“Mother bear with three yearlings. Some of them are more aware than others…noticing the rattling sound of a shutter going wild… Martinselkonen, Suami, Finland.” – Håkan Nilsson

The Clash
Somarriba, Cantabria, Spain.

Polar Bear Family

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska.

Cub with Mother Brown Bear

Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears.

Grizzly Bear
A grizzly bear in Denali National Park, Alaska.

Hokkaido Bear

Kiritappu, Hokkaido, Japan.

Polar Bears playing..
davidcl0nelPolar Bears playing..

Berlin Zoo Tierpark, Germany.

A Bear Family

Bearizona Wild Animal Park, Williams, Arizona.

Cinnamon coloured Black Bear...#12 (In the wild...)

“A close up capture of this Cinnamon-colored black bear that was walking not that far off the highway in Riding Mountain National Park.”

“Did you know… Black bears come in more colors than any other North American mammal. They can be black, brown, cinnamon, blond, blue-gray, or white. (according to the North American Bear Center).” – Guy Lichter

Playing Cub

Young brown bear playing with a bone, Northern Finland.

Coastal Brown Bear Reflection 04
Kevin MorgansCoastal Brown Bear Reflection 04

“Earlier this year I had the opportunity to spend some time at Lake Clark National Park, Alaska, the main focus of the trip was to photograph coastal brown bears.” – Kevin Morgans

Anholter Schweiz #1 - Playing Black Bears

“An after dinner romp between two black bears. It’s kind of a tradition amongst the bears in Anholter Schweiz… :-)” – Herald

Bear cubs playing

“These are grizzly bear cubs… born last January in the den. When they’re born, they barely weigh a pound, they’re blind and hairless. They’ve come a long way in 7 months :)” – Rebecca Tifft

Play Time 1

This photo selection is inspired by the Bears Just Bears group.

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