For the love of bread

Here on Flickr, we have a whole lot of foodies — heck, who doesn’t like food. We’d like to celebrate all the wonderful photos of what we all eat on our blog, starting with a little something inspired by Your First Loaf of Bread on Yahoo Food.

Enjoy this photo selection of delectable breads and the bakers that make them.

Crocodile bread!
beetroot bread

“This is my most favourite bread in the whole world. It’s beetroot bread, made by a local bakery school… It really does taste of beetroot, and it really is gorgeous. Add a bit of soup or cheese and you are in heaven…” – Caroline

Lavash Bread

“A traditional bread of Armenian origin.” – Dr. Harout Tanielian

Learn how to make challah bread on Yahoo Food.


“These men start very early to prepare flat bread for travellers on their two days’ bus journey from Shrinagar to Leh, high up in the Ladakh mountains [India].” – Rosmarie Wirz

njera texture

Injera, traditional Ethiopian bread.

Bread tradition

“240° C in a stone baker’s oven in the Villarceaux Castle in France.” – Pierre_F

Our Daily Bread

“Preparing to leave it for the first rise — before I set the dough down I like to hold it up and out from my heart like this…it feels like a way to offer gratitude as well as a way to receive a blessing on our food.” – Jillian

Home-made bread

Zaire, Angola.

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