Mono Monday: BB Bluesman’s streets


We’ve been enjoying Mark Forman’s candid portraits and street scenes for some time. Mark, who was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., has been living in Taiwan for more than 20 years. He characterizes himself as an amateur in the “truest ‘doing it out of love’ sense of the word.”

“I’ve always been an avid people and life watcher from the days of my youth roaming around NYC,” he added. “I always used my eyes to deeply see and maybe even compose.”

Under Black Sky

Mark captures intimate street scenes and portraits, usually in monochrome, which let you explore his city from his engaging perspective. “I think the street came to me because it seemed honest and organic,” he said. “I always lived in urban areas. I love jazz and hip hop and I feel when I’m shooting street, it has a similar flow that is easier for me to engage with.”

At a Loss For Words

Mark’s primary camera is a Pentax K-30, with both modern and film-era lenses. He said he mostly shoots on primes, including a 35 mm, 40 mm, 55 mm, and 90 mm, but he has been increasingly using his iPhone 6, for which he’s developing a grip accessory product.

Have fun venturing into Mark’s street’s and have a wonderful week of photography.

2 On, 1 Off

Black Tear
Feeling Impish
Pale Rider
Ray Sensitive
Complete the Circle
All of Me
Hard to Believe