Fall foliage 2014

When autumn comes around, we always look forward to seeing all the vibrant gold and red colors in natural landscapes. Here’s a small sample of the splendid photography that’s showing up in a fall foliage search on Flickr for this year.


Gunnison, Colorado.
“The clonal nature of aspen is never more apparent than in fall, when clones can be distinguished by their varied hues.” – Jeff Mitton

landslide valley colours, sault ste. marie, ontario

Algoma, Ontario, Canada.
“Looking down Landslide Valley and the blaze of fall colours. In 1926, Willard Isaiah Thayer (1872-1956) opens Hiawatha Lodge and Recreation Park in the Hiawatha Highlands, overlooking Landslide Valley. During the 1920’s Thayer develops the area around Crystal Falls and Landslide Valley as a tourist destination for: hiking / nature trails, camping, swimming, fishing and skiing. Thayer, a local entrepreneur, started Thayer Lumber Company in 1910, had various interests in forestry, saw milling, aggregate extraction (Landslide Valley), and tourism. Kinsmen Park was created by Thayer’s donation of land to the local Kinsmen Club. In the 1970’s the City of Sault Ste. Marie bought the rest of Thayer’s estate to create a conservation area.” – twurdemann

Fall Trees

North Idaho.

Adirondack Autumn

North Elba, New York.
“Contrasting a great landscape with “good” light in the sky is the most obvious approach to landscape photography. This means the biggest amount of freedom in composition and the highest potential epicness, if the conditions are cooperative. However, I’ve excluded the sky more often in my photos lately and often like the results even more than the photos I take with the obvious way. This is a wonderful example of these tendencies. It will probably end up being my favourite composition from the Adirondacks, condensing the place to its essence. It’s a stand of colorful trees beside the Cascace Lakes right next to the road between Lake Placid and Keene.” – Jan Zwilling

Tree Life

Eastern Oregon.

Canada - Reflected Glory

Madawaska River, Burnstown, Ontario, Canada.

Autumn Trees

Shenandoah, Virginia.

Mt. Holyoke from The Goat Peak Tower

Holyoke & Easthampton, MA

Enjoy, and share, more photography in the Colorful fall landscapes gallery.