Celebrity portraits expose hidden character

Nikos Aliagas, currently the TV host of “The Voice” in France and a well-known personality himself, loves finding the “invisible side” of celebrities and showing them at their most human. The French-Greek entertainer’s successful career as a TV and radio host and journalist has allowed him to interview hundreds of stars, including Meryl Streep, Robert Downey Jr., and Angelina Jolie. After every interview, Nikos asks to take a quick black-and-white photo. In these photos, he shows the celebrities in a whole new light.

While Nikos has worked for years in front of the lens, his real passion lies in taking photos. “Photography’s gratifying to me because I know the price of being exposed, and I prefer to be behind the camera, it’s a hobby for me,” he says.

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Nikos loves the classic look of black-and-white photography because he feels it captures the essence of a portrait. And every time he prepares to take a picture, he also looks for something different in the eyes or hands of his subject. “We all know stars know how to show the best side of themselves, but I really like to wait for the moment, a suspended moment, when they reveal the hidden part of themselves.”

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Nikos has found that he gets all kinds of responses from his subjects. “The reactions of the celebrities are different. It depends on [their] mood,” Nikos says. With Meryl Streep, he had only 10 seconds to take her portrait. “During this moment, she was herself, but the moment was real, and she gave me something.”

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He admits that he doesn’t know how to use Photoshop. “I’m not a professional of transforming images, but I try to find good light or natural light in the moment that I take a photo.” The results are stunning.

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“It’s very exciting having the opportunity to take pictures of personalities and artists,” Nikos says, “and a few minutes after, sharing them on Flickr with thousands of people all over the world.” He hopes that when people see his photos on Flickr, they will discover a more human side of celebrities.

Visit Nikos’s photostream to see more of his photography.
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