Flickr Friday: The Matrix Selection

Our theme for #FlickrFriday last week was #Matrix. Everything goes around persepectives and your submissions made us confirm this. Some of you understood it as the main meaning of the movie saga Matrix as some others considered the Matrix of nature. For others it was a matter of choice between the blue and red pills or the domination of things with a powerful mind. While the whole trip was amazing to see we also noticed that even the theme some people had the Holiday season feeling in mind so they adapted their images to the theme.

Have a look to our favorites of the week here. You can enjoy all the submissions directly in our Flickr Friday group pool

After this, there is no turning back...
The Matrice
Beech Matrix
Matrix (Explored Dec 23, 2014)
I know Kung Fu
Agent Furcovici
Matrix Acrobots
It's Hard to Eat Cereal in the Matrix
Morpheus, don't play with your food !