Flickr Faves with Ines Perkovic


For this week’s Flickr Faves, we caught up with Ines Perković, aka December Sun, a photographer and history professor from Croatia. Ines says photography is a hobby, but she does get involved with selling some of her work to stock image services.

“I started with photography around nine years ago and been on Flickr for the last eight. Actually, Flickr made me do it,” she said. “It most definitely played a significant role in me getting familiar with the world of DSLR cameras (helped me choose my first one) and photography in general. Not to mention our super supportive Flickr community.”

She describes her photostream as full of everyday things she sees and captures. “You can say I shoot as I go. I find passion in shooting anything I find beautiful, from portraits and lifestyle, to landscape and nature.” Her favorite experiences with a camera have been shooting weddings for family and friends.

Wherever she goes, she has her Nikon and a 50 mm prime lens, which she loves for its speed, depth of field, and ease in taking good lifestyle photos. Though she hasn’t been on too many adventures just to take photos, she’s hoping the opportunity will present itself soon.

Now on to her favorites:

342/365 The Bride

“The Bride” by MKlasan

I actually know Marijana personally (we met on Flickr) and how good she is in photography. She is also a wedding photographer and the photo I chose is definitely one of my faves, when it comes to weddings. I particularly love the colors and the contrast between them. The photo has that sort of dusk, evening vibe, but the warm light from the windows brings it all together. Not to mention the perfectly captured moment of the bride waiting outside of the church, ready to enter. A lot of emotions in this photo.

Tree Shadows

“Tree Shadows” by artchang

Arthur is also one of my favorite Flickr photographers. When I think of his work, almost immediately, San Francisco Bay Area comes to my mind as he (in my opinion) portrays it in the most beautiful way. Among many stunning photos, I chose the one we all wish WE had taken it. The photo shows what morning is all about; golden light breaking through the trees, misty fog and starting your day all over again. This early morning, nature shot proves how committed and passionate he is about photography, to actually be there at that hour.

these golden places

“These Golden Places” by manyfries

If you shoot film and you’re on Flickr, then you have probably bumped into Danielle’s stream. Her filmy photos of nature are simply breathtaking. It was impossible to choose a favorite one. But, I did. Again, the contrast between the yellow gold beneath and the blue sky covered with soft clouds. Also, I love how the road is, in a way, breaking the two layers, leading us to the mountains in the distance. Tall grass by the road never seizes to impress me and when on film, it’s a win.
“Sunset near Klaksvik” by near the lighthouse

Another film photo that literally took my breath away. Everything in this photo is stunning. The location is perfect, time of the day, also. Beautiful composition. I especially like how everything in the background sort of frames the model. Only film can provide such colors, when used right.

la vie en rose

“la vie en rose” by Sonya Khegay

Sonya is one of those kindhearted souls expressing gentle emotions with every photo she takes. Her photos are feminine and always a delight to observe. Apart from her beautiful Montenegro landscapes, I particularly love her portrait work. Especially, self-portraits. I can’t find anyone who does self-portraits better than she does. I chose this photo as my favorite because, even though the roses almost entirely surround her, she is in a perfect symbiosis with them. The expression in her face really works with the delicacy that every rose flower has.

low tide

“low tide” by *Cinnamon

If you’re into lifestyle photography, Cindy’s stream is obligatory. I dare to say she has inspired an entire generation of Flickr photographers. Myself included. She taught us it’s ok to seek photo opportunities in everyday (sometimes random) things. The photo I chose, I like for different reasons. It has a very calm atmosphere, beautiful, natural tones and the negative space works perfectly here. It really lives up to its title “Low Tide” as the shot is minimal, simple and calm.

Sky Alight

“Sky Alight” by jasfitz

I’ve been following Jasmine since the first days of my time on Flickr. I have always admired her photography and looked forward to her updates. Even though she uploads a lot of portraits, I chose a non portrait photo as my fav. Why? Well, I just do. I love sunset time and little bulb lights. The tones here are beautiful and minimalism of the sky is nicely composed with the lights. The bird just makes it that more awesome.