Flickr Faves with Vulture Labs

Silent City

This week for Flickr Faves, we jump into monochrome. Jay, aka vulture labs, is a London-based black and white photographer specializing in daytime long exposures. Jay told us he started out taking photos of street art in 2007 and that he joined Flickr in 2009, where he soon discovered long exposure photography. He shoots with a Nikon D800E and a Nikon 14-24 mm and uses Hitech Firecrest neutral density filters.

“I run workshops in central London, teaching long exposure photography and post processing, which are extremely popular,” he said. “Flickr is a great community and I have met and made good friends with lots of excellent photographers, including Jarrad,  John EsslingerMike Murphy, and Conor MacNeil.”

Noting that it was “an extremely hard task to pick my favorite images, with so many great images in my faves list to choose from,” Jay narrowed it down to these seven photos. We hope you enjoy and be sure to follow these photographers if you like what you see!

everything will be alright

Brian Day
Detroit based photographer and his time traveller series, suited and booted and seemingly transported into another reality, seriously mind blowing work.


Hengki Koenjoro
An award winning black and white photographer from Indonesia. Consistently creates some truly beautiful zen-like images, visually stunning and technically perfect.


Rohan Reilly
Surreal, minimal seascapes with repeating patterns, artfully composed and beautifully processed.

Visual Acoustics I - La Défense Study III - La Grande Arche de la Défense - La Défense Paris

Joel Tjintjelaar
Black and white long exposure photographer, hours of work processing and crafting his images, leading a movement in fine art long exposure photography

Stranger in a Strange Land

Steve Landeros
From architecture to seascapes and landscapes, Steve’s work is always of the highest standard. I wish I had taken this shot, what a scene!!
Darren Moore
Black and white long exposure photographer — hard work and early starts pay when you capture beautiful fairytale images of this caliber.

like a harp's strings I - overture

Julia Anna Gospodarou
Black and white architectural photographer from Greece. A master in the art of post-processing and composition. This is Santiago Calatrava’s Katehaki Bridge in Athens.


Jarrad Marks
London-based black and white long exposure photographer. Richard Rogers Hard-edged architecture in the City of London, superbly processed and composed