These are the top-25 mobile photos from Flickr in 2014

At the Flickr office, one of our most fun recurring debates is whether photos on mobile devices will ever approach the quality of those taken with dedicated cameras. Because we recently gathered the top photos taken overall at Flickr in 2014, I thought it would be interesting to see what we’d find if we looked into the top mobile photos uploaded over the same period.

So…WOW. We were really impressed. The quality and diversity of images far exceeded our expectations. Some were taken with brand-new top-of-the-line smartphones, others with devices that were a few years old. Some were processed, others uploaded as-is. All were beautiful.

Most importantly, they show that all of us have the gear we need to take great photos.

Save the nature (from mobile top-25,2014)

Uploaded by Alexandr Tikki. Tikki’s striking photo received more faves than any other taken with a mobile device. iPhone 5s.

Sunday mist

Uploaded by Luca Reano. Nokia Lumia 820.

Dragonfly [Explored]

Uploaded by Samim Hasan. This was taken with a smartphone not known for its camera, the HTC Desire X. The color is outstanding.

Happy Holi Brasília - Brazil

Uploaded by Telmo Filho. iPhone 4s.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II - Milano

Uploaded by Pablo Fernández. This photo, which was taken with an iPhone 4s, shows what is possible even with a slightly older smartphone.

my way

Uploaded by Luigi Ales. Taken with his Nokia Lumia 1020, it was initially hard to believe this was not a DSLR shot.


Uploaded by Betina Plate. iPhone 4s.

In pursuit of moment (from mobile top-25,2014)

Uploaded by Alexandr Tikki, his second in this series. iPhone 4s.

2000 year old door

Uploaded by William Huggins Higgins. Captured with a Samsung Note 3.
Uploaded by Jeff Knobloch. Taken after a morning run with a friend, this is the sort of opportunistic photo that can only be taken with the smartphone in your pocket. Samsung Galaxy S4.


Uploaded by ~tnymo~. iPhone 6.

Sunset in Sjelborg

Uploaded by Johan Bengtsson. Samsung Galaxy S4

scooting aboot renfrew

Uploaded by Tam. iPhone 5s.

Summer's Requiem

Uploaded by Richard Smith. iPhone 5.

surfing interlude

Uploaded by Pixelmania. “sunsets & surfers. something you can always find in san diego.”

Kolob Canyon in Zion NP, Utah

Uploaded by Norm Erikson. Samsung Galaxy Light.

Agia Efimia.Kefalonia

Uploaded by Maria Tritaki. iPhone 4s.

Cape Cod : Aurora

Uploaded by Chris Suefert. This beautiful capture of the Aurora Borealis from Cape Cod demonstrates the low-light performance of his iPhone 5.


Uploaded by Luigi Ales. Ale’s Lumia 1020 again exhibiting incredible detail.

Foggy Foggy Night

Uploaded by Rodger Sharp. Taken with an iPhone 6 Plus.

720 - Frühlingsfest 2014

Uploaded by Christophe Cymbalisty. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

Uploaded by Near the Lighthouse. iPhone 5.

La conquista del universo !!!

Uploaded by Xiomara Martinez. Samsung Galaxy S5.

November hike (iphonography)(explored!)

Uploaded by Kiljano. iPhone 5.

Snowflake Macro (iPhone 5 & Olloclip)

Uploaded by Jessica Dyer. Dyer attached Olloclip 21x macro lens to her iPhone 5 to capture this image.