SpaceX makes photos freely available on Flickr


SpaceX, the pioneering company founded by Elon Musk, has recently started a Flickr account and uploaded a number of amazing photos of their launches, as well as product views and behind the scenes images. What’s more, they’ve licensed their images under a Creative Commons license that enables free, noncommercial re-use with attribution.

In speaking with a media representative for the company, he told Flickr that SpaceX has licensed the images for reuse by the public and they explicitly grant the media the rights to use the images.


We’d highly encourage checking out their account if you’re interested in space exploration. The launch images are superb and some of the technical photos give you a great view of what has gone into building the first privately-funded spacecraft in history.

Crew Dragon

Given their plans to launch the first Dragon 9 with human crew aboard in 2016, we expect SpaceX to be in the news often. Follow their photostream and be sure to use and engage with their photos as they continue to make space exploration history.

SpaceX, welcome to Flickr!

Crew Dragon Artist Depiction
DSCOVR 2nd Stage Earth View