Welcome the University of Victoria Libraries to the Flickr Commons

We are very happy to welcome the University of Victoria Libraries (UVic) to the Flickr Commons. The institution is located in Victoria, British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada, and works to support learning, teaching, and research for both the campus and broader community. Within the library Special Collections and University Archives, the University collects, preserves, and makes accessible a collection of rare and unique materials, including archives, rare books, photographs, maps, architectural drawings, oral histories, objects, and artwork.

Colonel Sam Hughes watching Sergeant Hawkins demonstrating the MacAdam Shovel (Shield)

The University of Victoria Libraries’ collection documents the history of their own institution in addition to a broad range of subjects, including anarchism, arts and culture, environmental studies, literary history and criticism, as well as political and historical affairs, transgender studies, and women’s studies.

Their holdings range in age from a Cuneiform tablet (circa 2100 BCE) to contemporary digital archives.

Codex Pollick (Book of Hours)
Sacrifice d. Abraham; Loue don de Dieu (Sacrifice of Abraham, Praise the gift of God) - Recto
General G-----'s Joke

The University of Victoria is delighted to share its collection through the Flickr Commons and looks forward to adding further images from their extensive holdings.

Check out the University of Victoria Libraries’ Flickr photostream and be sure to share your insights and comments with them to help the collection grow. We encourage other institutions interested in joining to register on our Flickr Commons page here.