Concept Collaboration: “The Grand Adventure”

Hey there Flickr friends, artists, collaborators, and adventurers on this big green-and-blue ball! Last month’s Concept Collaboration focused on wanderlust and our love of “The Grand Adventure.” We’re so happy with each and every one of the 1,828 photos have been submitted to the Flickr group and we encourage you to participate in this growing community of collaborators around the world.

Time to move on.

I believe that daily adventure is an integral part of enjoying, understanding, and experiencing life, and the beautiful places and interactions that it holds. As you experience the images created for this month’s theme, take stock of ways in which you can turn every single day into an adventure – ways in which the mundane becomes the magnificent, the daily becomes the dazzling, and the ordinary becomes ornate and full of life.

Here are some of our favorite images from awesome Collaborators and Flickr members from last month:

Anywhere But Here
The expedition
La Nueva Aventura

On a monthly basis, Concept Collaboration seeks out one photographer with the most creative and promising approach to his or her art. This photographer wins a camera bag from our incredible sponsors at Vanguard, a company supporting photographers around the world with innovative camera gear. In addition, we feature this photographer in our monthly Flickr blog post, and ask them for special interviews about their work. This month, we’ve chosen Aleah Ford as our most creative collaborator! Congrats, Aleah!

The Birds in Shed   I/VI

With strong overtones of darkness and mystery, and aptly-directed posing, the disconnection of the subject from the camera allows a story to be built by just the back of one’s head. The attention to detail taken with this photograph simply and beautifully exemplifies an adventure we can all understand: the fright of a new way of living. In Aleah’s words: “Many of the grand adventures in our lives begin with a push that thrusts us out of comfort. This push sets a new momentum in our lives. For the lady in this photo, her grand adventure was bestowed upon her, not by choice. It is the toughest moments of a journey that test and prove who we are. The most difficult hours and days refine us into beautiful strong people.”

The Concept Collaboration movement challenges the idea that art must be done alone and apart from others. We believe in a ripple-effect of friendships, business partnerships, and new ideas growing forth. After 5 months of meeting up, we can safely say that our in-person meetups achieve this purpose. If you’re located in Vancouver and would like to join us for our Collaboration event on Saturday, June 20th, please sign up here. We’ll be creating together at Golden Ears Provincial Park near Alouette Lake from 3pm-7pm.

Our concept for June is “In Reflection.” Read more about it here, then get some friends together and GET SHOOTING!

Behind-the-scenes selfie from our Minneapolis meetup!

In parting, here are a few AMAZING photos from collaborators at the Minneapolis Meetup at Minnehaha Falls.

The Lost Maidens
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David Talley is a USA-based photographer and educator with a focus in dark storyline visuals. He has been recognized internationally by various publications, including My Modern Metropolis, London Independent Photography, and United Colors of Benetton. His works exhibit the darkest moment before an explosion of light, a story broken, but changed for the better, and the ability to transform the present problem in to a prospering future. David is founder of the photographic collaboration event, Concept Collaboration.