Concept Collaboration: “Step Into the Future”

Well hey there, guys! Are you a photographer? Do you believe in community? Do you believe that the world AND the photography industry can look a lot different than it does now? Then this message is for you! For August and September, Concept Collaboration  collaborated on the theme “Step Into The Future” – in other words, what our futures look like for us, how we’re going to live out our dreams, and the emotions that come with that.

We’re excited – 3.7K photos have been submitted to the Concept Collaboration Flickr group! We extended the last concept across two months due to travel schedules, timing, and resources, so that more images could be submitted, but now we’re back on our month-to-month track. We encourage you to participate in this growing community of collaborators around the world and with our monthly concepts as they become available.

Butterflies with broken wings. II/III

For each concept we release, we usually have a few favorites. Here are some really beautiful images from “Step into the Future,” spanning August and September:

The Final Light


For every concept created each month, Concept Collaboration looks for one outstanding photographer. We believe the photographer we choose has the most creative and promising approach to his or her art. This photographer wins a camera bag from our incredible sponsors at Vanguard, a company supporting photographers around the world with innovative camera gear. In addition, we feature this photographer in our monthly Flickr Blog post. This month, we’ve chosen Ryan Closson as our winner!


Ryan’s image, “Divergence,” is an artful masterpiece of mindful trickery, using a gravity-defying image to represent his beautiful idea. In Ryan’s words, “We all know struggle. There is always a struggle. Some seem to plague us forever and burn with intensity, others are subtle, yet so seemingly cruel. It is undeniably true that without struggle there is no progress and with every breathe that we breathe we find ourselves moving forward toward the future. While it may be that the future lies in the shadows it always comes the opportunity to change. We may not be able to change the wind, the seasons, or the circumstances of this life we must take personal responsibility to be our own guiding light and to reassure ourselves, Do Not Fear The Future!” I love how the image shows the main subject of the ground, but with his hands tied, seeming to break through by defying gravity, regardless of being tied down.

The Concept Collaboration movement believes in a ripple-effect of friendships, business partnerships, and new ideas growing forth. After 9 months of meeting up, we strongly believe our in-person meetups achieve this purpose. Our most recent meetup was in Perugia, Italy. Sign up for future meetups here.

Our concept for October is “The Foreigner’s Journey.” Read more about it and submit your images to the Concept Collaboration blog and our Flickr Group.


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David Talley is a USA-based photographer and educator with a focus in dark storyline visuals. He has been recognized internationally by various publications, including My Modern Metropolis, London Independent Photography, and United Colors of Benetton. His works exhibit the darkest moment before an explosion of light, a story broken, but changed for the better, and the ability to transform the present problem in to a prospering future. David is founder of the photographic collaboration event, Concept Collaboration.