SpaceX Just Landed a Rocket

For the first time, SpaceX just successfully launched a rocket carrying 11 satellites into orbit, then turned it around and landed back on Earth. Take a look at the amazing photos from this monumental event in the history of space flight!

ORBCOMM-2 First-Stage Landing

Those aren’t two launches. One trail is the rocket going up, and the 2nd is the rocket coming back down to land just 1000 meters away!

ORBCOMM-2 First-Stage Landing

The Falcon 9 first-stage rocket, after landing safely on the landing pad!

ORBCOMM-2 First-Stage Landing

Long exposure showing the launch, re-entry, and landing burns of the Falcon 9 rocket.

Landing Zone 1

The SpaceX “Landing Zone 1.”

I highly recommend watching the full launch and landing, and of course, you can follow SpaceX on Flickr.