Throwback Thursday: Machines

Throwback Thursday: Machines

#Machines have changed our lives dramatically over the last couple of hundred years. Nowadays, a swipe on a screen can automatically do the hard work that previous generations toiled at for days. That’s the reason we see so many photos from the past of proud men and woman standing in front of their new acquirements – be it a tractor, washing machine, or printer …

This week we want to celebrate all this progress and take a look at the machines that have improved our lives so dramatically. Share your #Machines photo with us for #TBT by uploading it to your Flickr account and sharing the URL in the comment section of our Facebook or Twitter posts. We will curate our favorites and show them in the Flickr blog next week.

Original photo taken from the State Library and Archives of Florida

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Stella Jost

Stella ist Community Managerin für Flickr und verfasst Beiträge für den Flickr Blog. Sie lebt und arbeitet in München.

Stella is a Community Manager for Flickr and an editor on the Flickr Blog. She lives and works in Munich, Germany.