Thousands Celebrate Macro Textures in 2016 Worldwide Flickr Photowalks

Thousands of photographers in more 100 cities got out this weekend to capture macro textures as part of the Worldwide Flickr Photowalks. From small groups of three or four photographers to a massive meetup of over 160 in Calcutta, almost every continent represented.

(Except for you, Antarctica. Where were you and your photographers?)


End of the #sanfrancisco Global #flickrphotowalk. Roughly 50 attendees and quite a few made it to the end.
192-366 Brisbane Flickr Photo Walk

Flickr Photowalk Macro Edition - London Squad
Flickr Photographers of the world unite and take over.

Explore was dominated by gorgeous Macro textures from Chadigargh, India to the Hague, Netherlands; Buenos Aires, Argentina to San Francisco, California. The Worldwide Flickr Photowalk (#FlickrPhotoWalk) had a Macro theme and joined with the Macro Monday Group.

Thousands of amazing macro shots were uploaded to Flickr since the walks began on Saturday, July 9. We pulled together a Macro Photowalk Gallery of our favorites to celebrate the beautifully diverse textures and cultures from the community across the globe.

Flickr Macro Photowalk
Moody Monday Macro

macro texture  .  (0891)

together we are beautiful [in EXPLORE]
Macro Mondays - Macro Textures (Explore - 12 Jul 16)