We’re Bringing You Some New Features!

We’re always looking to provide our users with with easier ways to discover and engage with photographs and groups that inspire them. As part of this vision, today we’re announcing updates to Flickr’s desktop Feed that will keep content fresh and puts groups at the forefront. Learn more about these new features below!


Discover More

There are currently over 12.4 billion photos on Flickr, and we want you to see as many as possible. That’s why we’ve moved to a two-column feed! Not only can you discover more photos, but you can easily stay up to date on the activities of people you follow. We’ll also surface recommendations based on your favorite photos and Flickr featured photographers, so you can find photos and groups that match your interests. This new desktop feed matches the iOS and Android app feeds (plus some fun additional features), so switching between desktop and mobile will be more seamless than ever.

Preview Photos

With the new Preview feature, you can not only see how many photos people you follow have uploaded, but you can scroll through their photos right from your feed. Gone are the days of having to go to their page to see what you care about.

Enjoy Notifications

Tired of having to scroll through your feed to see your notifications? With the new notifications hub you will be alerted to activity (ex: photo faves and responses) no matter which page you’re on. And after many requests, we’re bringing you group notifications! Find out when new discussions are started and never miss a discussion response again. Don’t worry, if notifications become bothersome, they can also be muted.

Whether you’re a power user or a newbie, we hope you enjoy this update! Please send us any feedback you have so we can continue to improve the Flickr experience.