Morbid and Beautiful

Happy Halloween from all of us at Flickr. This year, we invite you to linger on images that mingle the morbid with the beautiful, and go deeper into the Flickr groups that encourage us to explore our dark side.

My Fears Have Become Phobias

If you dare … view the full gallery of conceptual dark art here.


MaCaBrE ArT, photomanipulation, photography, fear, pain, death…
and your soul….


Untold Stories … The creation of images, the Victorian and pictorialist feel, the imaginary worlds we all escape to, our dreams and nightmares, story-telling, wild children, frightening storms, enchanted forests, whispering trees, caressing winds, towering mountains, deep vallies, midsummer nights, secret gardens, hidden faeries, abandoned houses, sparkling lakes, glistering lights, haunting shadows and a timeless feel.


Mind’s Creative Eye … A group for those who want to go beyond the mind’s boundaries.

The Doll

Gallery of eclectic visual poetry … Art that suggest poems or tales that evoke imagination arraying from dark through enchanting.

Milk eye

Dark ART collects imaginative images that disturb and delight in equal measure. We invite you to explore your inner anxieties, indulge in gothic fantasies and celebrate the off-kilter.

Daughter of Salem

Spooky … Spook and be spooked. And enjoy both.

To share your own conceptual, macabre photos, visit the full gallery and join the Flickr groups that have been waiting for you.