Three Tags To Tell This Week’s Historic Story

In the days leading up to the 45th Presidential Inauguration a wave of tension and nervous energy pulsed in Washington D.C. For what is usually a festive celebration in the capital city a different mood settled on the streets. One group of people in the city was buzzing with temerity while another brooded with energetic defiance.

58th Presidential Inauguration

This #TopTagTuesday post tells the story of exactly who was invigorated by this inauguration; who was moved. It wasn’t the crowd on the National Mall that passionately captured this historic event with their cameras and smartphones. Rather the protestors in the streets, hotel rooms, bus stations, bars, and hotel lobbies that documented the day. And the next day. And the next day. And the next day.

The #TRUMP, #WOMENSMARCH, and #PROTEST tags dominated the week. If a photo is worth a thousand words then we’ll let photographers from D.C., San Francisco, New York, and around the world tell their tales of the week.


The U.S. Capitol Building Readied for Inauguration
"Executive One" Departure
Michael Moore at the march against Trump, New York City
Frolicking After the Apocalypse



The Loud Majority
F*ck You Trump
a small part of the march


Tiny Hands
at the Women's March, San Francisco


We Stand United - NYC Rally on Night Before Trump’s Inauguration

We Stand United - NYC Rally on Night Before Trump’s Inauguration
Presidential Inauguration Protest

Presidential Inauguration Protest

Anti Trump


In an unpresidented (and unprecedented) move Donald Trump is breaking with a 40-year-old tradition of appointing an official White House Photographer. In President Barack Obama’s eight years in office White House Photographer Pete Souza captured nearly two million photos. The National Archives and Records Administration will preserve these images and this Flickr account of Obama’s most memorable and iconic moments. As for President Trump’s White House it remains to be seen who, if anyone, will be documenting history from inside the Oval Office.