Top Tag Tuesday

It’s a wintry, widgety, wonderful week on the Flickrverse and amongst the millions of photos uploaded a few emerging tags reigned supreme last week. For #TopTagTuesday we’re digging in and highlighting some of the most beautiful photos of the trends.

All of the following tags have one thing in common – the subjects are made more beautiful by shooting in black and white. The BNW tag is trending because of the photographs in the winter, urban, metallic, and Macro Monday themes that were made more dramatic by removing the color.

Masha Mirian and Zeke
Black Velvet

The German word for ice was trending because of the particularly beautiful and snowy scenery. Weather throughout the week was wrought with ice, fog, and snow that left some beautiful scenes for Flickr photographers to capture.

frozen silk
Frozen Danube

Urban Exploration groups blew up this week with gorgeous and abandoned spaces. Broken windows, staircases, and vacant ballrooms galore!

Curves and Glass

The Macro Monday Group’s theme this week was ‘Contraption’ and many of the submissions also tagged metal or mechanical terms to go along with it. While Explore can be dominated with MacroMonday themed shots Sunday through Tuesday, these tags all go together. Check out the group for more high-quality shots of metallic contraptions.

Macro Monday Contraption
Les perspectives dépravées