Top Tag Tuesday

It is the trendy time again where we dive into the topics trending among our community of photographers from around the world. Dig into some of the best trending pics week of February 7th, 2017!

The shortest month of the year is here and that means people in the Northern Hemisphere have a little over a month left before the Spring comes. Hurry up and use the occasion to take a few more photos of frosty sunrises and snow-filled landscapes!

February winter night sky

From February 1 through 5, hundreds of beautiful cars from across the globe participate in the International Automobile Festival in Paris, an exhibition to recognize the talent of the engineers and designers who work to craft the latest driving technologies. Look at these classics Porsches!

Porsche 917K (1969)
Porsche 917K (1969)
Porsche 917K (1969)

“Say Cheese!” was the weekly theme on the Macro Mondays Flickr group and the images of melted, hard, blue, smoked and shredded deliciousness took over Flickr’s Explore page yesterday making it one the cheesiest of all time. Mmm cheese!

Say Cheese!
Macro Mondays - Say Cheese! - Stilton & Grapes
Say Cheese! (Outtake)

What would photography be today without the use of digital technologies that make it easier for everybody to take better pictures? Digital imagery is a trend this week, so don’t hesitate to play around with editing software and show the Flickr community how flawless your photos can look.

Panthéon, Paris

Slumber No More
This Wonderful Emptiness