Happy 13th Birthday, Flickr!

It’s official, Flickr is a teenager! Thirteen years young and just as full of wonder, snark, and creativity as we’ve ever been. Together with our phenomenal community of photographers from around the world, our Flickr Family, we’ve set the tone for what an online photographer’s space could be.

Before Flickr, there wasn’t an online community to store, organize, or share digital photos. Without Flickr, there wouldn’t be a global network of photographers connecting over common visual and technical interests.


With exciting things to come for Flickr, we also want to recognize the amazing things that have been. We’ve put together a timeline of moments from the past thirteen years that have made this time so amazing.

For the next year, we’ll be connecting photographers and their work in new, interesting ways and we can’t wait for you to be a part of the journey with us. Throughout this month we’re putting a call out to the Flickr Community to create a gallery with their favorite 13 images. Tag the first photo with #Flickr13 and we’ll feature our favorites on the Flickr Blog and social media.

This isn’t just our 13th birthday, FlickrFam. It’s yours too. Stay rad!