Fifty of the Fiercest Female Photographers on Flickr

Her shutter shifts and her flash fires. Her moments are captured and shared with the world. For International Women’s Day, Flickr continues our work featuring the beautiful photography of female artists with a round-up of 50 of Flickr’s Best Female Photographers. Their stories range from surreal and ethereal queens to the homey mommy blogger’s day to day live. They are food fanatics and outdoorsy women, and we celebrate the best of their work. If you aren’t following these artists we encourage you to. Click to their profiles and see the world #ThroughHerLens!


The devil made me do it

breathing dew
Daughter of Spring...

View the full 50 for Women’s Day here.

If you have a female photographer you think we should add to the list link a photo of her’s in the comment section below using the format [FLICKR LINK].