Grateful For My Home

Today is World Gratitude Day! On Flickr, we are familiar with pictures that show beautifully intimate perspectives on the most unique things. With such members and diverse photos, we are often reminded of the many things in life we hold dear. One of the most commonly posted sentimental subjects on Flickr is home. 

In honor of the deep and universal gratitude we have for our loved ones and the homes we have either created or been created by, we composed a gallery illustrating what it may feel like to be homesick, reminding us to be grateful for our loved ones and the homes we create for ourselves.


We hope this gallery serves as a small placeholder during your homesickness and helps you fight off the urge to buy a plane or bus ticket out of here.


Life is a highway
turtle mailbox

While the sense and memories of home may look and feel different for everyone, missing it is familiar to us all. We hope you can take a moment to be grateful for someone that resembles all the sweetness of home to you. Share this story with a loved one to let him or her know you’re thinking about them. And of course, be grateful.