Flickr Inktober Group To Open October 1st

Hi, illustrators, sketch artists, painters of Flickr, lend us your brushes!

Starting this Sunday, October 1st, the Flickr Inktober group will be open to challenge submissions. As in previous years, we are encouraging artists from all over the world to share one ink drawing a day during the entire month of October. If you can’t draw and upload daily, try to post at least one ‘Inktober’ piece a week. Consistency is important.

Are you up for the challenge? Add your daily ink drawings to the official group and tag them with #Inktober2017. We’ll promote our favorites on the Flickr Blog and on Flickr social media channels throughout the month. Be sure to update your social media links on your Flickr About page page so we can tag you. We’ll always give credit to awesome works and link back to your Flickr account. We also encourage you to curate and showcase your favorite cartoons, illustrations, and sketches from other Flickr artists in the Group by commenting on their photos or creating a Flickr Gallery of your favorite Inktober artwork.

Here are some of our favorite Inktober drawings from previous years. Get inspired. We’ll see you on October 1st.

"Las mentiras ya no importan"
#inktober #inktober2016
Loi's Vietnamese Restaurant

Monster #inktober
Inktober 2015 ~ #29
a dozen #inktober #inktober2016