Flickr Friday – December Rain

Flickr headquarters is prone to the infamous NorCal winter, which means we’ve been waiting for this #DecemberRain for a long time! This week’s Flickr Friday theme is celebrating all of the #DecemberRain in San Francisco and around the world. Luckily, as seen through these photos, our FlickrFam around the world has a different story to tell! Check out the rain, snow, ice, and December feels that are captured in the magnificent photos below.

Purple rain for Flickr Friday

Remember folks, your photos don’t have to follow the theme of the week in precise detail. As long as it’s relatively similar and it’s well crafted, it’s fine by us! Frozen rain counts.


Although dreamy California was nothing like the photo above this week, we can still appreciate the beauty of the freezing cold. Notice how there are many different tracks of footsteps but only one person visible. It’s because all the other people probably froze to death … Oh, how beautiful -.-

Singing In The Rain

This guy knows how to appropriately cope with the elements, even if it looks like the rain seems to mutate into something completely different near his feet. Either way, we’re loving the creativity. There is always a very fine line while setting up a scene between overdone and effortful.


This naturally composed candid speaks volumes as the rain seems to dilute the seriousness of what would be an immensely intimidating glare. Sir, it’s the holidays. Don’t you know?

If you think you know, show us what the holidays mean to you relative to all the #DecemberRain. Can’t get enough of this photo collection? Check out our full selection gallery for more and make sure to add your photo in the comment section of the gallery with bracket formatting  [Flickr Link]!