Happy Holidays! Love, Flickr

Who are we kidding? We’ve been waiting for this season all year. More calories, less co-worker face time, and gifts galore. Hello Holidays.


Let’s be real though, this is Flickr. We can’t just send you off to enjoy this holiday season with the typical farewell. This [insert festive holiday here], we encourage you to step out of the box and break a few outdated traditions. We’re encouraging all things quirky this season! You deserve more than forced outings in the freezing cold and overplayed holiday songs.

If not for you, then for the kids! …Do it for the children. Remember being young enough to wonder why your parents never changed anything up? Don’t make the same mistakes.

Longwood Gardens Christmas 🎄

The holiday season doesn’t always have to mean the same thing every year. Tradition gets tiring! Instead of spending hours putting lights up on your roof and risking the possibility of a potential visit to the emergency room, just visit someone else’s for a few hours, then go home and put on some pajamas like you really want.

326/365, My Mum's Christmas Pudding

Baking is traditionally something everyone does during the holidays, but it often gets to the point where we feel like we’re slaving away! We spend days making all these baked goods for family and friends, but by the end of it we either don’t get any cookies ourselves or end up secretly loathing everyone who get’s them. It ends up becoming more of a social obligation than a family affair.

Max and Santa

Don’t even get us started on this so called “Santa.” We just have one question for you- WHY? Why doesn’t he value his health? Why isn’t he aware that heart disease is the #1 killer in America. Why do we hold him in such high regard if he obviously likes cookies more than he likes us? If you aren’t particularly fond of praising a suited obese man, then perhaps you could make your own mascot like the genius below. Nice cup.

A Classy Toast to the Imperial Holidays

No matter where you’re celebrating Christmas, or your Christmas like events, Flickr wishes you a quirky world of happiness. You deserve more than outdated conventional customs for making it through this year.

Congratulations, we did it fam.