Flickr Friday – Simple Pleasures

Our every day routine has the ability to be completely consuming and it often becomes difficult to remember the little things. More importantly, it becomes harder to take notice of the good things in life when we’re so busy putting out the fires that have the potential to take over completely. This Flickr Friday challenge was encouraging people to take notice of the #SimplePleasures in life.

Salt & Pepper

Don’t mistake that for kryptonite and a meteor, it’s just your savory companion salt and pepper. As simple of a pleasure as this is, it leads us down a long road of good thoughts for complimentary food items. Where are the pictures of the ketchup?

Simple Pleasures

We’re not sure how much of this wine is a pleasure as opposed to a necessity given the pose of the character in the background. Either way, it’s definitely relatable and we wish hope you get what you need out of that glass! (Or the second)

Sleeping in on a Saturday

Yes, it’s true. Disneyland has nothing on the happiest place in the house. There’s nothing quite like “sleeping in on a Saturday.” When the Sunday blues haven’t dared to come into sight and the post-Friday hype has settled in, the bed is most definitely a popular simple pleasure.


Another forgettable simple pleasure sits on the shelves you walk past every morning on your way to better things. I think they only accumulate dust so that when we sneeze, we’ll hopefully wonder where all the dust is coming from and remember the books. Now that’s a tragedy.

For more simple pleasures, be sure to check out the gallery! Have a happy Friday:)