Have a look at your new Flickr activity feed

Feed blog post image

Flickr is all about photos: sharing yours, viewing others’, seeing all the amazing images uploaded to the site every day. We figure seeing all those wonderful photos should be easy, beautiful, and simple, so we made a few big changes to how your feed works.

First, we’re giving you more control over how you see content that matters to you on Flickr, starting with sorting. Now you can sort your Feed by All Activity (you know, the people you follow and groups you’re in) or, if you want to drill down on some specifics, filter by only Group Activity, people you follow, or our newest filter, friends and family.

The feed is also getting a little sizing upgrade. With our new compact view, you’ll be able to scroll and view photos more quickly. The medium view strikes that beautiful balance between more content and larger image sizes. And the large view displays each photo in a bigger format so you can avoid distractions and focus on each image individually. For both these feature updates, we’ll remember your preference so you don’t have to change it every time you visit your feed.

Our feed cleanup also lets us consider what other information you might want to see, so your feed is now split into two columns. The main column is all those photos and new filters from groups you’re in, people you follow, etc. The right column will serve up some dynamic content depending on how you use Flickr. If you’re new to the site, we’ll help you find interesting content, people to follow, and groups to join. For more active users, we’ll serve up your daily stats (for Flickr Pros), as well as Explore and Flickr Blog content featuring some of the most interesting photography and photographers in our global community.

We’re also giving you more granular control of who you follow and what group activity you see right from the Feed setting. From each Feed card, you can mute group activity that is too noisy, or unfollow people you no longer want to see. You can share whole photostreams if there are people you think your contacts would benefit from following as well. And you can easily message people you’re following without the need to go over to their profile.

Jordan Sendar
Flickr Engineering