Capturing Comet NEOWISE

Across the world, people are capturing photos of the comet NEOWISE. We’ve organized a few of the photos and videos that we’ve seen on Flickr into a gallery, but the best days for viewing the comet are still to come! Optimal viewing of NEOWISE will take place for those in the Northern Hemisphere during the evenings of July 14th through July 23rd.

Comet Neowise on the Oregon coast

Let us know if you manage to capture a great photo of NEOWISE by commenting on this gallery. Visit the Comet C/2020 F3 NEOWISE group if you’d like to connect with more people looking out for the comet or to get advice and inspiration for your own photos of NEOWISE.


Experts from NASA will be answering questions about the Comet NEOWISE today, Wednesday, July 15th at 4pm ET during a live teleconference. You can also see their photos of the comet here.


Here are some additional suggestions to help you get a great photo of NEOWISE:

  • Sighting the comet: Try going to a place with minimal light pollution and clear skies. Use binoculars to get a clear look at the comet. An app like Sky Guide can help you identify where the comet is in the sky. These graphics from Sky & Telescope are also helpful. Generally speaking, try looking to the northwest.
  • Equipment recommendations: Our team suggests anything between a 28mm – 500mm lens. Try using a wider lens to find the comet and then adjust to suit what you’re shooting for. A tripod is a must. Use a remote shutter, cable release, or a self-timer to reduce camera shake as much as possible. Turn off vibration reduction on your lens and camera body.
  • Photo settings: Try manual mode and manual focus. Use f/2.8 aperture if possible or the fastest aperture that your lens allows. A shutter speed anywhere from 1-5 seconds will help you capture the comet as sharply as possible.

Good luck capturing the comet!